Blue and Gold - a celebration

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Blue and Gold - a celebration

At the moment I'm creating with BLUE and GOLD. 

Today I want to share my reflections about the colors and my creative process.



I feel calm, rooted, stable, strong. Blue for me represents the earth. It feels nourishing, like a mother nourishing their baby; like the earth caring for their seeds, so that they get everything they need to grow into strong plants. It feels like a deep and limitless source of creative manifestation. It connects right into my bones.

Blue has a supporting, space giving, nourishing, sustaining and powerful creative energy. It connects with my primal force.



Pure light coming from the universe. I feel gold as the color of the divine source of light, of a higher intelligence, god, however you want to call it. It brings lightness, guidance, inspiration, trust, and a kind of very subtle structuring.

It is a dancing color of pure inspiration.  It connects with my primal trust.

In my art pieces I combine both colors. Together they feel highly vibrating and powerful. It is, as if they belong to each other. They bring each other in the highest efficiency and beauty. They give value to one another. Together they create something much more powerful, than could do one on its own.

Gold and blue - light and shadow - day and night - sun and moon - masculin principals and feminin principals...

Blue and Gold - a celebration

What does that mean for my artwork and my own inner process?

As I said in my first art journal post: my art mirrors my inner processes and movements.

For exemple, I used to feel myself very chaotic and disorganized. So, lots of frustration and self-judgement.. Now I changed my point of view and my strategy. Now I see my creative eruptions (you know, when inspiration comes, and you feel like being pushed in all directions at the same time) much more as a multitasking super impressive talent, which needs just to be supported in the right way! So, I stopped judging myself and instead I started finding new ways to support me. Among other things, I needed also to take a closer look on to my high expectations; I had to look deep inside of me to find out what I really need in these moments of struggle and stress (which I still have from time to time, but I know now, how to handle that ;). I started to give myself hold, with a kind of structure in my very own way, which is supporting, surrounding, valorizing, nourishing and space giving. So, in one way the colors in my art reminds me of that balance. I would also say that my art helps me solidifying that kind of new achieved harmony. On the other way the art work is also a celebration of the two aspects inside of me - in harmony. 

work in progress

work in progress

I feel my inspirations as well as my talent of creating these poetic and spirituel art pieces as a gift from the universe and the earth. Creating and manifesting my art and sharing it with the world is my gift back to the universe and the earth. Blue for the earth and gold for the universe.

I choose precious materials like high quality Japanese paper, finest merino wool, silk fibers, gold leaf and techniques like origami, felting and cyanotypes, because my talents and my art are precious to me and I find these materials and techniques most suitable to reflect my values.


We all have our very own and unique creative gift from the universe and the earth. What is yours? And how is your way, to celebrate it, to value it and to give it back as a gift?


Thank you for reading and thank you for being unique with unique talents!

💙 Maria
works in progress
works in progress
works in progress
works in progress
works in progress

works in progress

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