my art journal - the beginning

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Welcome to my art journal!

my art journal - the beginning

I started a sketch book, because a very good friend of mine offered me one about a year ago. Never did something with it until now. Thought now that I have to, because it was a gift ;) I had no idea what to do, what to put inside... Because I stopped drawing, I stopped felting, I stopped nearling everything in the last two/three years, as I was exploring and studying my inner creative processes as well as my studies in art therapy and cranio sacral energy and bodywork. I needed a break to make space for the new... space like in a new sketchbook! 

So one day during the christmas holidays inspiration and desire for art making came back. I just startet with some experimentation and I opened my new sketchbook... new space...

I started with putting a photo, an origami work, a drawing...  not bad, I thought. It gives me new ideas, new inspiration! So I went on, just doing without thinking about the WHAT and the WHY, and the WHAT FOR. And now it really got me.

In art making that is what happens, you start something and then you set off an avalanche, and you have to watch that the amount of ideas does not overrun you.

Artists are researchers and alchemists. So am I. Creating, trying out, researching, putting together... just to see what happens, just to see how the impossible can become possible, just to try out new ways, to open new doors, just to be amazed by the process and surprised by the results.

I love sketch books, because its researching work, without really a goal or a need for a finished project. Only the process counts.

So that sketchbook gave me the inspiration for starting this online art journal. My art journal will be the same: experimenting, trying out, researching, just doing what comes in my mind, what inspires me, and sharing this with you. For me the sketchbook is a great reflection of my inner processes. Snapshots of my own inner states and movements. On this blog I will share with you some of these, give you some insides, what I'm exploring, what I'm inspired of, how I feel about that, what I discover...

And probably it is able to give you inspiration.

I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for reading and watching.

♥ Maria

my art journal - the beginning
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