amazing news and special offers

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amazing news and special offers

Exciting news!!!

I am a finalist for the World of WearableArt Awards in New-Zealand 2021 !!! Yeah!!! A dream will come true: seeing my work of art professionally performed on stage!

I need to tell you a bit more about my story:

I remember: during my textile design studies I always looked with an admiring look to the fashion designer section. I was so fascinated! But I was sure at this time that the accurate and complex procedure of doing patterns, calculating, sewing, and so on, is not for me. Just thinking about that, felt overwhelming.
Now, with my many years of experiences in felting, my own explorations and research with the material and the techniques on working out all kinds of dimensions and shapes, I feel able to also do complexe wearable art pieces! I just needed to find my own way, finding my own skills!

Today this is showing me clearly: Nothing is impossible!

Even if you don't take the "usual" way! Believing in yourself, your dreams, your skills and your very own expression is what counts! Putting your heart inside, your passion, your intentions, your dreams, your own story makes it so precious to the world!
Today I am proud of myself, my skills, my creative journey on this planet (I see myself as an artist in residence on planet earth).
I still can't believe it and I don't know where this journey will take me! But I have the feeling as I am now up to new adventures and experiences!

It is challenging to find your own way as an artist, you need to reinvent and question yourself all the time. It needs a lot of flexibility and openness, gaining new skills and experiences all the time. Being an artist means that your life is a whole work of art too. Creating your life as you create your art makes you successful: taking risks, pushing your boundaries, reinventing yourself…

Thank you for supporting me, for believing in me, my skills, my creativity! Feeling supported on this journey (with all the changes, ups and downs) by my followers is very precious to me!
So stay tuned!

♥ Maria

amazing news and special offers

More news:

I want to thank all of you so much to have given me the possibility to experience with you so many new things and skills within the last year of online felting sessions! Thanks for trusting me and believing in me!

My deep desire is to develop my work even more in all areas. I would like to inspire even more, to develop new teachings and  group works for releasing creativity, as well as individual coachings. And I would like to dive into new creations - new works of art. The fact that I will see my art work performed on stage is giving me wings! (such a great symbol from the WOW team!!!)

You surely know how it is to be a passionate artist: having ideas, projects, lots of inspirations all the time and how challenging it can be to develop all on your own, starting new things, gaining new skills, new creations, trying out new ways all the time. 
I created for years in "isolation"! Now I have the desire to create by sharing with you, by letting you participate! And this is now possible, as I developed during the last year my skills of creating videos, speaking in front of the camera or the screen, making online events, calls, doing individual online guidings and accompaniments... I really like to exchange with you more.

Thats why I am now looking for new ways! Because my creativity is my engine in my life. Inspiring and guiding is my mission.

So I found patreon, probably you have already heard from that. 

Patreon is a membership platform for creators. And I really like the concept, even if that can seem unfamiliar to you.

With patreon and the membership program I want to give special offers to develop and exchange with YOU together even more, to realy engage with you and with myself.

I decided to use patreon also for my monthly felting meetings.

The felting meetings are in option number 4 & 5:

here is what option nr 4 looks like:

Start engaging with you

With this option you support my commitment of offering GUIDANCE.  You become access to my intuitive felting tutorial to experience your own depth with your senses. You will also benefit from a monthly meeting in which I guide you through an intuitive felting exercise (you have the possibility to write me your ideas for contents). Join me here to start diving in to your own creative journey!

that means:

  • inspiring posts - once a week
  • special exercices or guidings to help you creating your life as a work of art - twice a month
  • special behind the scenes content (for ex. video posts speaking to you about my actual challenges and my ways to handel them; or showing you on what I am working on at this moment, techniques, new inspirations etc)
  • special discounts for individual remote sessions
  • one special live-meeting per month with me and the group in which I offer the possibility to exchange and work together on topics which are holding you back to make your life an art work (Zoom)
  • a monthly 20 min live to answer your questions (technical, creative,... whatever)
  • acces to my tutorial "intuitive felting with the color BLUE"
  • a monthly online Zoom meeting in which I guide you intuitively through a felt exercise (you have the possibility to write me your topics): online felt transformation meeting

Special offer of the moment:
a personal welcome postcard
You will be sent a personalized hand made postcard as a thank you for your amazing support.

This option is 44 Euro/month
(this is a really special "thank you offer" for you (the normal price of the monthly meeting is 53 Euro)

Don't be afraid! You can join and leave whenever you want!
This special offer is limited to 10 people at this moment.

Check out all of my offers and options:

Check out this video to get the idea of what patreon is:

Feel free to contact me for your questions!
Thank you for taking the time to read my quick and exciting summer news and I wish you a lovely summer time!!!

♥ Maria

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