Poetry of geometry - a new series of online courses

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In the beginning of the month I started with a new series of online courses with the theme: Poetry of geometry!
In this series we are going to explore geometric patterns and shapes with our senses and by felting, but also the meanings of them and how we can use them for our personal development. The first class was a great experience so I want to share some thoughts about it with you.
Again I enjoyed to work with so inspiring women and I gained also new insights for myself about the meaning of the shape we worked:
The Octahedron (one of the five Platonic Solids):
Respresenting the element AIR - linked to the HEART
Working with this shape helps opening up to different perspectives - while connecting to all of the six directions ( earth - heavens - east - south - west - north)
It helps becoming stable and centered with your own truth when you feel torn between different areas of your life or contrasting perspectives.
Connecting to this solid helps finding your inner truth by connecting to your heart, to earth and heavens and all of the directions (perspectives).
It helps to grow in your compassion and love by opening up to other perspectives.
In need for new solutions?
Then turn the inside out and open up to the impossible - not even thinkable by our limited minds.
And also here in this one shape we find both: masculin (straight lignes) and feminin (curves) elements
Now check the video to have a look at the shape! I also share with you a little exercise how you can work with this solid to stay balanced in your life!
Poetry of geometry - a new series of online courses
Poetry of geometry - a new series of online courses
"Poetry of geometry" - online felt transformation class
next class will be a playful exploration of the "breath of the compassionate" or "give & take" pattern
a powerful pattern symbolizing the divine breath as the basis of creation
inhale & exhale
expansion & contraction
give & take
In our daily lives it can be really challenging to find the balance between giving and taking, expansion and contraction.
Observe your breathing: Do you feel nourished when inhaling? Do you feel purified and radiating when exhaling? Can you feel this balance in yourself while breathing? Or does it need some effort from your side to breath calm, smooth and deep?
Let life breath you without any effort... When we find this balance in ourselves, we feel nourished, fulfilled, happy.
During this class we are going to connect to the meaning of this pattern in order to activate this balance in ourselves by becoming conscious about what we need. Breathing and art making will help us here!
And it will get playful!
September 30 at 7pm (Paris time) FRENCH/english
Oktober 2 at 2.30 pm GERMAN/english
October 5 at 2pm ENGLISH/german


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